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Local artist Pete Murray exhibits in constituency office of Patrick Grady MP

It is a pleasure to have Glasgow artist Pete Murray, who has won competitions for SSPCA, RSPB Scotland and Countyfile last year, exhibit a collection of his photographs in my constituency office.

Pete Murray took up photography in June 2016 when he got his first professional camera and has found himself addicted to it ever since. He takes wildlife photos predominantly along the River Kelvin where you can see some amazing animals including the incredible vibrant blue kingfisher.

Pete is very active with the Friends of the River Kelvin (FoRK), and hopes to use his photos and new photobook ‘Life on The River Kelvin’, to promote the work that they do. FoRK work hard to keep the river clean and safe for wildlife to thrive, and raise money for equipment and events.

He also volunteers for a dog rescue charity, taking photographs of the dogs which helps them to find their new forever homes and is currently working on their 2018 calendar to raise money and awareness. ‘Saving Romanian Strays’ was set up in 2014 by volunteers to rescue stray dogs from Romania, and they always welcome support or donations to help look after the dogs in need.

Commenting on taking part in the ‘Local Artists Project’, Pete said: “I am delighted to have a solo exhibition in the constituency office. It’s a great way to showcase artists and promote local talent.”

Pete’s work is stunning. He captures the vibrancy and beauty of the River Kelvin and its wildlife inhabitants perfectly, and his creative perspective is evocative and interesting. The use of light in his Heron photograph is particularly striking. We’re fortunate to be surrounded by an abundance of wildlife along the River Kelvin, and I hope that his photographs will draw attention not just to his own work, but to the diversity of the wildlife on our doorstep in Glasgow North.”

Pete Murray’s exhibition runs throughout November and December and can be seen during office hours. 


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